I Finally Started Watching ‘Shameless’—And I’m Hooked


After seeing what seems like hundreds of memes on Facebook about how great Shameless is, I finally sat down and watched the first episode. And the next four. I now understand why everyone who has watched it says they want to be part of the Gallagher family.

Based on a British series of the same name, Showtime’s comedy-drama features SAG Award-winning William H. Macy for his role as Frank Gallagher, the drunken father of the Gallagher clan, who spends his time drinking at the local pub or passed out somewhere, safe from the daunting duties of being a parent. We do not know the whereabouts of the mother (yet), but the audience falls in love with the oldest daughter Fiona (played by Emmy Rossum), a 21-year-old who assumed the role of both mother and father, raised her five younger siblings, and is often forced to parent her own father.


Fiona is one of those characters that girls want to be and guys with to be with. Though her life is often difficult and unfair, everything she does for her siblings is undoubtedly a labor of love. Her appeal comes from her independent and free spirit, and her ability to enjoy the little moments she has with her siblings and friends after a long day of hustling to pay the bills and managing the Gallagher household in the absence of her parents.

Each episode seems to be driven by a problem that the Gallaghers make worse just to fix it with the creativity that could only come from seasoned troublemakers that make up the Gallagher family. What keeps the audience intrigued is the multilayered and interconnecting story plot of each of the Gallagher siblings, their parents, as well as the plot lines of love interests and close neighbors. Upon the release of the first season in 2011, The Washington Post wrote, “Although the Gallaghers are bad people, in theory, they are oddly lovable. Together their stories form a deeply resonant portrayal of what it means to be a family on the fringe.”


Through their happy times, their sad times, their difficult times, and their un-sober times, the Gallagher family is indeed “oddly lovable,” and I can’t wait to keep falling in love with them, especially Lip Gallagher played by Jeremy Allen White and his bad-boy James Dean jawline and mannerisms.

Comment if you love the Gallaghers!

One thought on “I Finally Started Watching ‘Shameless’—And I’m Hooked”

  1. I adore Shameless and although I don’t agree with the opinions within the content (hey, its just my opinion), I appreciate the excitement with which you present your posts. It gets the reader excited too! It is not lengthy and it is not a summary of the show, which is amazing because it doesn’t spoil the show which many posts about television shows do. The length of the post also makes it super easy and fun to read!


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