My Love/Hate Relationship with ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: A Saga


I have to rant about Grey’s Anatomy.

In the summer of 2013, I sat in my basement and binge watched seven seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. I fell in love with the characters, who were all unique to each other, the drama of being a doctor, both professional and personal, the life-or-death moments, and the hot and heavy romances that unfold in the semi-privacy of the on-call rooms.

Grey’s Anatomy is a prime example of why we love binge watching shows. For me, I love watching the character development as time goes on, and sometimes I even get emotional thinking about where characters started compared to where they end up years later. For nostalgia’s sake, here is a picture of the season 1 cast:


The Struggle

After I completed the seventh season of Grey’s in my binge session of 2013, naturally, I watched season 8 when it premiered the following fall. But I lost interest. I found I no longer cared about these characters–and I think it’s because they grew up. I was not interested in their grown-up issues. I did not care about the drama that is part of buying a house or the struggles of finding a balance between being a parent and working 80-hour weeks. Not sexy! And as soon as pregnancy scares were no longer scares, but were “great news,” it was no longer relatable and took a very dark and dull turn.

A Brief Solution to Satisfy My Grey’s Craving

When I heard news about a major plot twist in season 11 (which I will not disclose here like I promised!), I watched the episode on Hulu, skipping over two full seasons. I was lost and confused, I didn’t know who many of the characters were, but I was happy I watched it.


I did not feel compelled to watch more because everything else that was happening what taken out of context for me. SO, my love/hate relationship remains and is based in the dilemma of wanting so badly to ride Grey’s Anatomy out until it cancels (season 15 will return September 27, 2018), but have no actual interest in the show itself.

What Next?

Thank you for listening to my rant. My current lack of enthusiasm for a former favorite show is something that genuinely upsets me. It’s almost like losing interest in Harry Potter after the “The Order of the Phoenix” (which would never happen to anyone, obviously.) I just feel so conflicted!

Has this ever happened to you? Do you think Grey’s Anatomy has run its course and should have been cancelled? I’d love to know what you think!

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